Professional Beauty Courses
* Learn * Makeup * Hair * Beauty

Beauty Diplomabody Science And Communication

Personal / Professional Ethics and Communication, Hygiene and Grooming, Sanitation and Sterilization, Skin Types, Skin Structure and Function

Duration = 3 Month

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Basic Beauty Treatment

 Face Cleanup, Facial, Benefits of Massage, Bleaching, Waxing, Threading, Manicure, Pedicure, Body Polishing / Body Spa, Skin Analysis, Skin Peeling

Duration = 3 Month

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Skin Treatments Using Electro Therapy

Galvanic, Vacuum Suction, High Frequency, Brushing Unit, Ultrasonic, Steam and Ozone, Basic Study Of Cosmetic Products
Duration = 3 Month

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Professional Beauty Courses

Hair Style

*Blow Dryer Style *Straightening *Tong Variations
*Crimping, Back Combing Techniques

1. Front Puff
*Simple *Slint *Round *Oval (Mohak)
2. Bufon (with Stuffing, Without Stuffing)
3. Bufon+ Raises
4. Bufon+ Simple Puff Raises
*Slint Puff Raises *Round Puff Raises
5. Apple Bun ( with Stuffing, Without Stuffing)
*Apple Bun with Raises
6. Simple French Roll
*French Roll with Three Mango Curls
*French Roll with Funky Look
*French Roll with Three Standing Roll
7. Donat Bun
8. Flower Bun + Front Tong Twisting
( Horizontal , Vertical and Cross)
9. Standing Tong Curls Bun +
Front Sagar Twisting + Bufon
10. High Up Do’S’ Wave Bun + Front Cap Style
11. Twisting Design Bun + Front ‘s’ Wave
12. Mermaid + Front Cross ‘S’ Waves
13. Big Rose Flower Bun
14. Open Curls Hair Style + Front Messy Braid
15. How to Attached Artificial Extensions
16. Chinese Bun
*S Wave *mohak
17. Banana Bun ( Low Bun)
*Banana Bun + Raises + Front Tong Twisting
18. Braid Fixing
(South Indian Style with Flowers Attachment)
19. all Hair Sagar Braids Twisting Bun
20. Messy Design Cross Pattern

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Professional Beauty Courses

Advance International Makeup Diploma

1. International Products Knowledge

2. Brushes Knowledge

3. Eye Shadow Area Knowledge

4. Skin Knowledge and Preparation

5. Colour Correction and Concealing

6. Highlighting and Shading ( Hills and Valleys)

7. Blusher Techniques

8. Makeup According to The Time

9. Wide and Close Set Eyes

10. Casual Makeup

11. Party Makeup

12. Engagement Makeup

13. Soft Bridal Look

14. Heavy Bridal Look

15. Air Brush Makeup With HD Effect Techniques

16. Eyelash Application

17. Contouring Glaze Technique

18. Application of Eye Liner ( Liquid, Cake, Gel, Cream Liner)

19. Smokey Eye Makeup With 3D Effect

20. Cut Crease Eye Makeup

21. Floating Cut Crease Eye Makeup

22. Double Cut Crease Eye Makeup

23. Fashion Makeup

24. Glow Makeup

25. Glittery Eyes

26. Ombre Lips

27. Foundations Variations

28. Multi Foundation Mixing Technique
Duration = 1 Month

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Professional Beauty Courses

Advance International Makeup Diploma

1. Hair Structure
2. Types of Hair
3. Hair Growth Cycle
4. Hygiene and Personal Grooming
5. Professional Ethics
6. Hair PH Level
7. Types of Shampoo
8. Types of Conditioner / Mask
9. Head Massage
10. Protien Treatment ( Keratin )
11. Perming
12. Permanent Hair Straightening,
Smoothning, Permanent Rebounding
13. Henna Application
14. Basic Colour Theory
15. Global Hair Color, Highlights,
Developer Knowledge, all Color Techniques
( Ombre, Global Highlights, Balayage)
16. Hair spa Loreal
17. Ironing, Tong Rod Setting
18. Roller Setting
19. Hair Fall / Dandruff Treatment
20. Loreal Hair Treatment
21. Basic and Advance Haircuts
Duration = 3 Month

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